Modern Latin America: Digital Country Reports

Examples of student projects from HSTR 231: Modern Latin America (Spring 2016) of digital country reports.

Assignment Prompt

The Country Report has two parts: a digital project and reflective essay. Your report must focus on the history of your selected country after independence. You may cover the whole period, a portion, an event, a regime, etc.

Regardless of the historical moment you decide to focus on, your project should explain this history to the viewer on its own. This means the project should stand on its own without any additional explanation from you, the creator/historian. This narrative will be supplemented with images and other media. When viewed, a reader should learn about the country’s past and be able to follow the history you have produced. You want to keep in mind both the content (what information you will present) but also the format (how will you best present this information, how can you use titles, subheadings, images, and texts to convey information).

For the project you will do research. Your job as the project’s creator is to synthesize the research and present it to your audience. This means most or all of your work should be in your own words. If you need to cite a source, you may use parenthetical citations. We will cover these in class.

In addition, the research you do MUST be in scholarly sources (journal articles, books, book chapters, encyclopedias, etc.). Your final project MUST NOT include information from inappropriate websites. If you have questions about your sources, please see me to confirm that they are appropriate for the project. You will include a final frame/slide with a bibliography of your sources in Chicago Manual of Style format.

Mindy, storymap


Kessler, timeline




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