Collaborative Mapping: Lewis & Clark in SW Montana

HSTA 101 Spring 2017 Class Map, click on the image below to view the map

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University story about project, 

Assignment Prompt

This activity gets you out in the field to do history and reflect on Montana’s past and the expansion of the new United States. In 1804-05, Lewis and Clark passed through the region on their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. You will visit one of their historic sites, read the corresponding journal entry, and write a short reflection about the experience. Please read the instructions below carefully and make sure you complete each part of the assignment.

1. Visit a historic site on the Lewis & Clark trail (see the following map for help locating a site near you:

2. Take a picture at the site (this may or may not include you). Please make sure you photo is of good quality.

3. Find a journal entry that corresponds with the site you visited (link proved in Moodle to the men’s journals). Read the entry and summarize what happened in your own words. Write a bibliography citation for the journal entry following a citation style you know. The journal website provides some help, see

Here’s an example of Chicago Style, note you will need to change the date for your entry: Lewis, Meriwether, Clark, William, et al. September 4, 1806 entry in The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, ed. Gary Moulton. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press / University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries-Electronic Text Center, 2005.

4. Write a one-page reflection on what you saw and compare the site in 2017 to what the Lewis & Clark expedition experienced in 1804/05. Questions to help guide your reflection: Has the area changed? Why/why not? What might it have been like to be on the expedition? How did the journey contribute to western expansion?