Teaching Portfolio

In the fall of 2018, I will be moving to the Bosque School to teach 10th grade English. Before this, I taught at the University of Montana Western, the only public institution on the block system. Students take one course at a time and faculty teach one course (capped at 25 students) at a time. At UM Western, each block lasts eighteen days, and students take four blocks a semester. During each course, students attend class M-F for three hours a day. The block system fosters a non-traditional classroom and a re-envisioning of curriculum that is experiential not lecture based. A key component to transforming my instruction is digital humanities. Below are links to collections of student work. 


American History I                                    Seminar: Atlantic World Slavery

Colonial Latin America                             Seminar: Oral History

Modern Latin America                              Seminar: Race in Latin America

History of Piracy

Introduction to Historical Methods

Students in the News

Kailey’s summer museum internship, Protectors of the Past

Miranda’s oral history project, Rural Schools Research

Grant Funded Oral History Project

Voices from Montana Schools, Fall 2016

Digital Humanities: Sample Student Projects

Slave Narratives and Story Maps: HSTR 494 seminar

Digital Research Reports: Modern Latin America, HSTR 231

Timelines in the U.S. History survey: HSTA 101

Collaborative Mapping, HSTA 101


Students examining primary sources at the Butte/Silverbow Archives in Butte, MT.